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The Lion City Pipe Band is Asia’s leading pipe band that is based in Singapore and aims to be a competitive Grade 2 band by year 2020.

About Us

Lion City Pipe Band, led by Pipe Major Ong Wey Shi and Lead Drummer Brandon Choo, strives to be Asia’s leading Pipe Band and aiming to be a competitive Grade 2 by year 2020. The pipe band was founded on 1st September 2016, to create a platform for pipers and drummers, under the tutorage of Beyond The Octave, Asia’s top Piping and Drumming Institution, to progress in their skills. The band wears the Modern Smith Tartan to commemorate Sir William Alexander Smith (founder of The Boys’ Brigade in 1883), as majority of the members are affiliated to The Boys’ Brigade.

The band has an extensive repertoire to be performed at all types of community, commercial and private events, such as the fanfare to escort your Guest-of-Honour, opening to an important dinner, entertainment in a shopping mall, flag-off in a marathon race, grand march out of a newly-wed couple and the last send-off for your loved ones. Lion City Pipe Band specialises in Scottish and contemporary Pipe Band music and is able to create the right sensations for your events.

Lion City Pipe Band is actively recruiting both local and guest pipers, snare drummers and tenor drummers that is keen and competent to play in a Grade 3 level.

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Stay Tuned

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